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How do I upgrade my membership plan?

posted this on December 09, 2011 02:26 PM

Date Updated: Aug. 26th, 2013

All freelancers on Elance have access to a complete set of features to establish an online presence and immediately begin marketing professional services to clients with the free Basic membership. However, for individuals and companies looking to increase job volume, gain more visibility with clients and access additional robust features, Elance offers several paid memberships starting at $10 per month.

Upgrading your current freelancer membership plan

As a freelancer, you can freely upgrade your membership plan at any time. This includes changing your membership program (e.g., upgrading from a Small Company to a Large Company membership), adding categories (e.g., starting with Writing & Translation and later adding on Admin Support), and adding Connects. You can choose to have your upgrades take effect immediately or in the next billing cycle. Immediate upgrades will result in the immediate charge of the cost difference between your original plan and the upgraded plan. Note, if you are upgrading to a Small Company or Large Company membership plan from your Basic or Individual plan and you have previously completed ID Verification as part of your membership, you may need to complete this process again. See our ID Verification page for more information.

To upgrade your membership plan, please login to your account and complete the steps below:

  1. Click on the username at the top of the Elance website and choose Membership from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click on the Edit Membership Plan button on the right.
  3. Click on the radio button for a different membership plan, choose to add Connects or add categories.  The new membership total will update on the bottom of the page. 
  4. Click the Continue button.
  5. Choose to make the change to your plan effective immediately or at the beginning of your next billing cycle. 
  6. Review the payment, verify the payment method, and submit your changes.

If you ever think your membership plan does not meet your needs, you can downgrade or cancel your membership. Remember, memberships are flexible and can be changed at any time.


There are a total of four membership plans to choose from, each designed to meet the unique needs of individual freelancers, as well as both small and large companies. 

The Basic membership plan, our most popular plan, is free and offers a complete set of features to establish your online presence and immediately begin marketing your services to clients. Available for both individuals and companies, Basic memberships include a complete Elance profile, 40 Connects per month (allowing you to submit up to 40 proposals to clients), unlimited invitations to jobs, a fully hosted digital portfolio, access to the Workroom, guaranteed payment and more.

The Individual membership plan includes everything in the Basic membership plan as well as additional Connects (up to 60 per month), rollover Connects, increased file storage in the Workroom and increased visibility to clients. You will also have the ability to add up to 15 profile keywords that will appear in front of more clients during their search, and you will also have the flexibility to add additional Connects and categories to your membership plan.

The Small Company membership plan further improves visibility to clients by increasing the number of profile keywords to 20, which will allow you to differentiate yourself as a company. Small Company members also gain up to 1 GB of storage per Workroom as well as the ability to add up to 5 team members, meaning you can add 5 Elance profiles to highlight your team members' unique skills.

The Large Company membership plan allows you to add up to 25 profile keywords, increases available storage to 2 GB per Workroom and allows an unlimited number of team members to be added to your Elance account.




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